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    Newbie here. 07 Edge SEL issue with fan & overheat replaced Dual Radiator Cooling Control Module Relay. No AC fan still not working.
  2. Lisa Cernaro

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    Must add no check engine light no lights of any sort have ever been on. I honestly have had no issues
  3. Lisa Cernaro

    Newbie to the Forum 07 owner

    I was having an issue a bit ago with the engine slipping but took it to FORD and got it fixed. The fan was running for a bit after it was turned off in the driveway which was odd. But seemed to rectify itself after the engine slip nonsense. When the overheat happened I was sitting pulled ahead at the drive thru for 20 min for a 4 min order. Didn't think anything of it did not pay attention to the temp gauge. When it did it's blow smoke/steam thing the antifreeze was on the ground but the temp dropped after I started it and has remained in the normal range. I did drive carefully home. Noted that when I got to the stop sign near my home that the fan was on, working hard. But when I got home I don't recall hearing it. Other than this, it's been a good reliable vehicle!
  4. Overheat at our local KFC. Drove slowly home got to the stop sign fan was running hard, got home and fan was off didn't realize til it was no longer working. Nothing cracked, saw where the radiator fluid blew out and thought it may have been the tank that the antifreeze was in. Well then the fan wasn't working and hasn't worked since the issue. My temp rides at or below the middle. Replaced my tow package Relay Module, because nothing else seemed to be bad. Well no fan and now no A/C. Help!?!? No clue what is going on.
  5. Lisa Cernaro

    Newbie to the Forum 07 owner

    Ac not working Radiator Fan not working Looking for guidance to the topic I need to post under.