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  1. Thanks guys for your responses. I'll try to live up the key lock and change the keyfob battery and see how it goes. Thanks again. B
  2. Hello everyone, Here is what happened. I have a 2007 Ford edge SE. The other day my wife went out to lunch and everything was fine with the car. She got back to work, and then a few hours later she had to leave again. She tried to unlock the edge with the keyfob and it wouldn't work. So then she manually stuck the key in the lock and tried to turn it to unlock the door and it would not turn. So basically there was NO way to get into the car. She had to call a tow truck guy to come unlock the car. He put his little car unlock tool between the window and door panel and did his thing and unlocked the car for us. So my wife gets in and starts it up and everything is fine. No dead battery or anything. Then she locked it up and tried the keyfob again and this time it worked but she could not unlock it manually with the key still. My question is, how can the keyfob just not work all of a sudden and whats up with the key lock? Anyone else ever have this problem? Thanks in advance. B