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  1. anyone here have any experience with aftermarket keyless entry and pushbutton start systems? I LOVED that feature on my other cars and would like to add it if possible for a reasonable price.
  2. Lance Moss

    2013 edge side object detection wiring diagram

    Never mind....I found a site http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/Wd
  3. Hello. I appear to have an issue with the detection light in the driver side mirror. I get an error stating it's not connected basically. I tested the mirror assembly itself and it works fine. I moved the left hand mirror (just the mirror itself with the light and heated part) to the right and it lights up there. I then tested resistance on the 2 wires that go back into the car. I get nothing. I then unplugged the entire mirror wiring harness just inside the door and tested from that connection... still no resistance. This tells me there is an issue in the wiring from that point. Problem is I don't know the wiring diagram once those two wires go through the door into the vehicle. I Think the wires go uninterrupted back to the module but I am not sure. If so that may mean the wire is cut or shorted in between.
  4. OK, so it does have remote start but it is aftermarket. i found the module and wiring but it is unlabled...so now to find the manufacture and get the keyfob for it :-( You can actually see part of it in the video under the steering column...a small module screwed to the plastic. that is a button of some sort...i assume to pair a key fob.
  5. Lance Moss

    Global Open

    i am more interested in the open function than the close. I was just hoping someone had already messed with the programming for this.
  6. Anyone ever tried to enable Global Open on a 2013 Edge? I have FOrScan and IDS. Just hoping someone else has attempted this. I would love to be able to open and close the windows remotely. Kinda dumb this wasn't enabled by default.
  7. Anyone know how i can remove the back panel of the front seats on my leather 2013 Ford Edge SEL? I pulled pretty hard on them but don't want to break them. Edit: Pull hard enough on the bottom :-)
  8. so it looks like that add must have been mistaken. no remote start nor key-less start sadly.
  9. The thanks all. Any way I can check if it does have remote start? If it does...I assume all I need is the fob and programming it?
  10. so maybe i am overthinking this. i havent actually driven a 2013 edge with keyless so maybe its just a keyfob thing this is the car...before the wreck how does it work if it were there? i am used to my previous nissan keyless entry and push button. just grab the handle, get in and push the start button. is that how the 2013 edge is? maybe they refer to keyless entry as the keypad and it has remote start but no fob for it and no actual push button. any idea what i need if this is the case? whole new key fob or separate keyfob just for remote start?
  11. ok, this is odd. i just purchased a salvage 2013 edge sel. per the vin and a youtube video uploaded by the dealership who sold this car to the last person it had keyless entry and remote start. i was given a standard key and no button inside...not sure who changed that. so, does anyone think its easily possible to replace the igniton switch and buy/program the correct keyfob? seems like the car might already have all the antennas and such. i havent had the chance to bring it by a dealership to get their take on it.