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    Lower gas mileage?

    Hey all, New to the community, this is my first post. Just bought a 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD last week. I know the advertised MPG (18/25) is always going to be a bit higher than what you actually get, but I feel that I'm getting lower than I should. I'm averaging 15-16.5 mpg driving in the city and country roads (but mainly city). Keep in mind: 1. My Edge has got 68000 miles on it, so I know it's definitely "broken in" enough. 2. I've been easy with my foot on the gas. 3. I've reset my fuel economy thing a couple times. This is actually my first car purchase as well, and I'm not a mechanic by any means so any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks! Also if there is a better place to start this thread let me know.