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    soft brakes after multiple parts replaced

    I replaced the booster, and it feels much better, but I have a vacuum leak now, and there was a o-ring/gasket that came with the booster, but no instructions, and no clear indication as to where it goes. Where do I put this gasket? Edit: I'm such an idiot, I figured out the gasket went on the master cylinder. LOL. Car feels back to 100% now!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 2010 MKX and about 3 weeks ago my wife said the brakes feel bad. I thought it was the front pads as I had put a super cheap pair in at the beginning of the year. So I replaced the fronts with some premium pads. Rotors looked good, but I made a note to replace those soon as well. After that, the car felt fine. No issues until the following weekend when I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a person in the road. After that, the brakes felt squishy and needed a lot more effort from the driver to stop. They almost felt like manual brakes. I was hoping that it was the rear pads now, so I replaced those with the same brand/model as the front, and that didnt fix it of course. So I thought it was the master cyl, so I replaced that last weekend and it did not fix it. I bench bled the m/s, and have bled the brakes lots of times and there is no air in the lines. Is this an issue with the brake booster diaphragm being ripped?
  3. Mustangfreak

    HVAC Blower not blowing all the time

    just replaced the resistor and it started working, at half speed again. Get home and its barely blowing. Just went out to check the filter, and now it doesnt work at all. What the heck. I'm sick of this problem. What could be wrong now
  4. Mustangfreak

    HVAC Blower not blowing all the time

    This did not work. Right now the fan is not blowing at all, and its 95* avg right now during the day. Before when it would work a little bit, it seemed that the hotter it was outside, the worse the problem was. We had a couple of days of rain, and it got down to 85, and even down to 80 and the fan worked great and wouldn't slow down. Is it the resistor for sure now? Or something else?
  5. Mustangfreak

    HVAC Blower not blowing all the time

    I'm going to try this and report back as well. Is refilling the freon easy on these cars?
  6. Mustangfreak

    HVAC Blower not blowing all the time

    I did a search at first and not everyones symptoms were the exact same as mine, so I thought I'd make a post as well. I called my aftermarket warranty company and they said the control module and blower fan were covered, but the resistor is not. So I think I'm gonna replace the resistor myself, and if that doesn't fix it I'll take it to the dealership. Edit: After seeing the TYC price on Rock auto, its not worth it to take it to the dealer. I have a $100 deductible, so I'd be wasting money.
  7. I have a 2010 MKX and the HVAC system is acting up. With the controls set to max fan speed, sometimes it'll blow hard, and then sometimes itll blow so soft you can't tell. And then sometimes it will not blow at all. And it seems that the hotter it is outside, or the longer the car is driven, the weaker it'll blow over time. It's really a gamble when it comes to this. Some days it'll work, and other days like today it won't work at all. Is it the blower motor resistor? The blower motor itself? Can I jerry rig this system to work until I can afford to buy new parts? Thanks guys.