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  1. Loosecannon

    Weathertech rear cargo mat & OEM headlights

    It is for a 2008 edge. I live in California. If you're interested e-mail me. lawdog805@msn.com
  2. Well i traded my edge in and got a new focus,... cheaper monthly payment and WAY better gas mileage. I kept the weathertech mat that i had bought.... if you want it, it's yours for $100 shipped. I also have brand new OEM headlights. Includes high beam bulbs, no low beam bulbs. Those are $250 shipped. If you're interested, e-mail me, since i'm not on this site much anymore. lawdog805@msn.com Cannon
  3. Loosecannon

    F/S 2008 Ford Edge SEL

    New Price,.. $17,000 AND i just added new rear tires.
  4. Loosecannon

    F/S 2008 Ford Edge SEL

    Yes. More of a satin. Matte looks alittle more "primer-ish"
  5. Loosecannon

    F/S 2008 Ford Edge SEL

    Selling my 2008 Edge. Has 90,000 miles on it. Meticulously maintained. Numerous mods. (ask me if you're seriously shopping) $18,000 E-mail me if interested: lawdog805@msn.com I am located in California
  6. Loosecannon

    Fx-r Retrofit project!!

    Oh wait,.. my headlights won't fit a 2011,.... nevermind
  7. Loosecannon

    Fx-r Retrofit project!!

    Shweet! And if it all goes to shit, i have a brand new set of stock headlights, in the box, with bulbs for sale :P Cannon
  8. Loosecannon

    NIB both front headlights

  9. Loosecannon

    08 & more performance

    Weapon-R CAI, and custom exhaust exhaust. Nothing extreme on the exhaust. Wish it had a turbo!
  10. Loosecannon


    I Have them on my 2008 Edge as well. Look at pics in my album. As Dingo said,.. handles a ton better, with less body roll, but still a comfy ride. great investment. CAnnon
  11. Loosecannon

    T-Rex Grill

    Who are you using for brighter LED style halo's? Cannon
  12. Loosecannon

    My Edge!!! Woot! Woot!

    Thanks "vital_dan".!!! You just made my entire day )))))
  13. Loosecannon

    My Edge!!! Woot! Woot!

    Mods include: Full black out job, including custom front grill wrapped in black vinyl, front and rear ford emblems wrapped in Carbon Fiber and say "Murdered" instead of "Ford". Black out fog light bezels, custom exhaust with 4in. black exhaust tips, fender vents, H&R lowering springs, Weapon-R CAI, 10" JL Audio 10W3 Sub with Rockford fosgate amp, and infiniti cappa's all the way around. Tinted widows, custom paint job to the entire vehicle (satin/matte dark charcoal grey), 22" Giovanna's rolling on Nitto Invo's ( i think they're Invos anyways, LOL) and i think thats about it,......oh and custom LED's to the front end (the line the bottom fog light area, and then curve up alittle with the inner shape) As for pics,... goto www.kevinfaleriosphotography.com and look under the section "If it has wheels" Cannon P.s. Forgot,... i also have HID's, both high and low beams and fogs. P.p.s Also custom carbon fiber wrapped center dash down to the shifter lever.
  14. Loosecannon

    My Edge!!! Woot! Woot!

    Thanks Ladybell! And your correct, it is a satin finish. As for the black wheels,.. i love them! Unless to achieve black wheels all you did was take your hub caps off,.. in that case, your doing it wrong. lol Cannon
  15. BAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO!!!! Leave it to aKirby to correct ya on the proper use of french words. LOL Sorry, but that just made laugh out loud. Love ya Akirby!! Cannon