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  1. Bryan A Kanger

    Will not unlock without fob button

    No, it doesn't seem to have that feature
  2. Bryan A Kanger

    Will not unlock without fob button

    lift gate is intelligent access (unlock when pressing the button under the handle) so it's strange the doors wouldn't be
  3. Bryan A Kanger

    Will not unlock without fob button

    Ah okay, thank you, I guess my sales rep lied to me so I bought the car thinking it had it... also there are the lines on the handle indicating I could lock the door but I guess that is not an actual indication so the only way to open the car is the fob? is there a way to install a touch - keyless entry?
  4. Hello, I just bought a 2015 Edge SE with push button start. It doesn't have remote start but I assume it should be able to lock/unlock using the exterior handles. This feature doesn't seem to be working and the dealer didn't go over this with me other than telling me I had it. Maybe the rep was wrong and I don't have it? I cannot tell if there are sensors in the handle but it has the lines on it. The fob button works for unlocking the doors and I can use push button start when the fob is with me. I also am able to open the trunk without pressing the button on the fob so that works fine, I just want my doors to work that way. There's no keypad on the car that I can see. No doors handles seem to have lock/unlock function, other than trunk. Any suggestions would be helpful, if I can't figure it out I will go to the dealer but they are an hour away from me. Thanks,