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  1. Ha! Didn't notice that until now. "Dems' some sexy wiper stalks" - Lot guy prior to taking pics
  2. You mean like including the shadow, and half a steering wheel etc? lol ya. Edit: Just noticed how bad our dollar is doing. Cost would be $20,666.59 USD + tax at today's rates, for reference.
  3. I'm new to sync3, but did an update ever get issued to get CarPlay for 2016's?
  4. Thanks! Their asking price was already a good deal, I was surprised they allowed me to negotiate down a little more. It's at my mom's so can't take my own pics right now, but the add is still up: http://www.taylortoyota.ca/used/Ford/2016-Ford-Edge-ab87031a0a0e08b93143870f33bee713.htm
  5. Thanks for all the help. For the record we got a silver 2016 SEL FWD with 178km on it. A mechanic who works for Toyota won it in a local lottery. He sold it to his employer, it got listed in their used lot and we picked it up for $27,500 CAD + 5% tax. In my province when the PST is paid (in this case by winner who owned it for a few days), it never has to be paid again. So only one tax for us.
  6. Can you explain offset? Edit: I think I understand the basics of it. But I can't tell what it is from the time I want to buy. I read that the number is prefaced by 'ET', usuallly listed after the wheel dimensions, but this is not the case on this wheel. Will attach pics. I believe offset for factory ford rims is 52.5. So is this going to work?
  7. We found a sick deal on a 2016, close deal on Wednesday. SEL FWD, barely 150km, effectively new. Some guy won it, sold it to the dealership he worked for, and we picked it up from there. Now I'm looking for winter rims. Found a used set on classifieds. Touren Brand TR9 3190 universal 18". Sticker says PCD code: 39 (5-108/6-120). I'm assuming this means it will acommodate 5x108 bolt pattern? How do I know the centerbore diameter?
  8. The Odyssey was 2011, factory was 18" for our Touring, but other models used 17" so it was fine. Ford tells me for the Edge 18" is as small as you can go, due to brakes or something along those lines. Based model edges use 18" as well.
  9. Thank you. Tire rack seems to only have options for 18" wheels. I recall checking with them before for another vehicle and they did have other options (in that case an Odyssey, had 17" option vs 18" standard, went with 17" for winter). Is it likely the Edge has only one wheels size option? Will I need sensors? Quite right, it's fairly widely understood not to go there these days. Technicians are not well paid and usually the most inexperienced.
  10. Thanks, will do. Also wondering about winter tires. Can you go a size down for winters? What is the correct bolt pattern and sizing to minimize costs for second wheels?
  11. Thank you so much for this. Very helpful.
  12. Very good to know. Can you elaborate on the ecoboost reliability, pricing in repairs etc. Are the known to be problematic?
  13. Thanks. Did the PTU issue get sorted out for 2016 and onward?
  14. Canadian, looking at a used 2015 Edge SEL FWD, 2.0L ecoboost. Very low km's. Specifically VIN 2FMTK3J98FBB18404, assembled in Oakville. New to Ford, new to the edge. I searched around this forum a little, but still would like to ask the question - what kinds of problems is this vehicle likely to encounter? From research, it looks like this engine is mature and has been used for a number of years on other vehicles? Does this mean the car is less likely to have first-model-year bugs and gremlins? Are there any known expensive ones? Would appreciate any advice. Considering FWD for reasons of cost and what seems like a particular good deal on this vehicle. We drove it, and it seems really nice.