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    Add remote start 2015 Edge

    sent you a PM kiki21. are you in Canada and have an Edge that was made in China? Your location shows Montreal.
  2. fullmotionht

    Add remote start 2015 Edge

    Sound good bro! I'm hoping it work on the UK version! Keep me posted!
  3. fullmotionht

    Add remote start 2015 Edge

    Hey guys. Ebay seller here. Couple of the Edge guys directed me to this forum. Sounds like you guys have the OEM remote start option figured out. I love the idea that you can use FOB with the factory remote start button. Are there any drawbacks to the system? I keep reading about an antenna may or may not be needed.. I would assume the range would be a bit longer than ay, adding my kit to and using the lock button to activate remote start. We are a dealerhip based shop, so 99% of the vehicle I get my hand on are brand new. Did a remote start on a 17 fusion that had 8 miles today, and a 17 f150 that was still in demo mode. Since there seem to be some pretty knowledgeable people in here, I have a question. Any of you work at a dealer? I've had someone look into the horn honk feature.. as in turning it off so the horn doesn't honk when you keep pressing the lock button. I've researched and came up with nothing on the dealer side. I did, however, read that you can turn it off with the purchase of an ELM327 OBD adapter and some free Forscan software.