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  1. Okay, I've seen a ton of threads about this on here and I'm hoping to get a more clear cut answer. Fingers crossed! Also in the thread I was reading earlier I don't believe LED headlights were available from Morimoto yet. I don't want to get into the debate of the cutoffs as "The_Wizard"(? think that's his name and who I find reliable vouched for the halogen projector cut off). I would much rather know, is the price difference between the drivebrite HID kit and the morimoto HID kit worth it? Also, has anyone tried the morimoto LED kit? I very much think that may be my pick as it is by the best brand and is a bit cheaper than the HID kit. Although, if drivebrite HIDs are reliable I may go with them as I am planning on ordering the puddle lights from them and may as well just order it all at once. Edit: Also, my main goal is so that the headlight color matches the LED strip color (call me crazy but I am obsessed with stuff matching). If there is a halogen bulb that will achieve that I am open to that as well. Thanks for any and all insight/help!
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    Tire Size for Ford Edge Sport

    Thanks, checked it out and seems helpful!
  3. So I have Nitto 265 40 22 on the Edge I just picked up a couple weeks ago. Plenty of tread, but I have been wondering would 265 45 22 work? I find that there is more fender gap than I would like with this size but don't know if its possible to go up a size or not. Suggestions?