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  1. Dabonecrusher

    Best LED Headlight Conversion?

    Both LEDs installed. Low beam
  2. Dabonecrusher

    Best LED Headlight Conversion?

    Low beam left LED right original halogen 9012
  3. Dabonecrusher

    Best LED Headlight Conversion?

    Well no responses so in they went. The difference is epic.. but we will see how long they last. Notice the V shaped notch lost at the 7 o'clock position in the the bottom of both beam patterns. This is not seen in the halogen bulb. Dont know how noticable that will be on the road at a longer distance. My guess is it will fill in quite a bit at distance, we will see tonight. Well just thought I would share. Doc
  4. Dabonecrusher

    Best LED Headlight Conversion?

    Hello, Sorry for the generic question but I am having difficulty with finding this info in the search.... I just purchased the T2 LEDs from JDM on Amazon. I was wondering before I installed these if anyone has had any experience with them. The reviews I read online and on youtrube were pretty good but I thought I would come to the source. These are 9012 configured CAMBUS ready and are supposed the be nearly 360 projection and work well with projection lamps. BUT what you read and what IS are different.. If I need to send these back I need to know right away. If no one has any experiences with these I will give them a shot and report back. Thank you for your advice/
  5. Hello, My 2013 Edge SEL has a square recess under the center console lid along with dog rear type protrusions beside it, like one would wrap a cord around for storage. Anyone know what the purpose this is meant to serve? I cannot figure it out. Thanks!