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    Air condition issue

    I want to thank everyone for your kindness and tips about the problem I am facing. I want to update to everyone so that it can help to someone else to face these kind of problems. On Saturday I took my Edge to a AC shop near my home and explain the problem. The person took a very professional attention about what I was experiencing and that the heater was on instead of the AC. In front of me he took the level of the refrigerant and was full. Then he told me that he was going to connect his computer to see what the problem could be. In under 10 minutes the computer said "reload SYNC Program". He kindly asked me if I wanted to proceed and I said yes. It took about 25 minutes to RELOAD, NOT TO UPDATE the system. Al of these was with the engine on. When finished (the computer said SYNC System uploaded successfully). He turned the engine of and started it again. The AC was working back again!!! on both sides with no problems at all. When I asked how much it was for his job, he told me: Do not pay me now. Check the car, use it for a couple of weeks and if everything goes fine, come back and pay $ 40.00 dollars. I asked why pay later? Because, he said, my computer told me what to do, but no why the problem began. Therefore, drive it hoping the problem will not come back and then pay me. Although the problem is fixed right now, I am planning to call 1800 Ford and explain what ZN0W told me to do. I thing he is right about that this issue began before the warranty expired. I want to thank you again you guys and I will keep you updating about this problem in my 2013 Edge Limited.
  2. BillyO

    Air condition issue

    Hi there WWWPerfA_ZNOW. I have an Edge Limited 2013' bought it brand new in 2014 from the dealer. I always took it to the dealer while under warranty which expired 600 miles ago. At the end of July of this year, the passenger side only began blowing hot air while the driver side was okay blowing cold air under AC. I took it to the dealer and explain the problem. The very same day I received a call from the dealer that my car was ready. They told me that they updated the software version in the SYNC. It lasted less than three weeks only. Three days ago the very same problem came back (hot air in the passenger side only while AC on and the driver and in the back was okay with cold air); took it to the dealer again and told me that the warranty had expired and that I had to 1) get an appointment which was scheduled to September 7th! and 2) That I have to pay for the repair. Even though I complained about the long wait and that it was only few miles after warranty, they did not receive the car. Reading about some possible problems, I learned that perhaps the cabin filter might not have had been changed so I checked it and replaced it with a new one ( it looked like the dealer NEVER changed it). The next day in the morning while going to work BOTH sides began to blow hot air even though the compressor sounds to kick in when turn the AC on. I have no idea if there is something wrong with the SYNC System or if is mechanical. What do you think?
  3. BillyO

    Air condition issue

    Hi there Singlemom. I have the very same problem. Two weeks ago the passenger side started to blow hot air while the driver worked the AC just fine. I took it to the dealer (3 days before the warranty expired) and they fixed the problem. Two days ago the very same problem came back blowing hot air in the passenger side (I live in the southwest and the hot weather reaches 110 degrees!) and this morning now both sides blow hot air even though the AC is on. Were you able to fix the problem you had? Anyone knows about what can I do?
  4. I'm glad to have found this website. I am excited about learning everything about my Ford Edge although I have it since brand new.