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    Rear hatch

    Thanks I did try the opening by hand method without the actuator arm attached and they both do the same thing as far as how fast they go up.
  2. Jtricer

    Rear hatch

    The only reason I didn't leave the actuator on was it came off of my mother in laws car. After I put the original one back on my car it worked almost perfectly the rest of that day then yesterday it started acting up again. I don't want to throw a $200 part at the problem if I'm not absolutely certain that will fix it.
  3. Jtricer

    Rear hatch

    I have a 2013 Ford Edge that has the power liftgate on it, I have been having trouble with liftgate arm not working properly sometimes it will open normally from the remote or the button on the dash, then maybe the next time you try it the liftgate may come up some then drop back down. If you hit the remote two times really quick it may or may not go up or down properly. Today it has started doing a thing where if the hatch doesn't go up properly then it will honk the horn. Yesterday I took the liftgate actuator off of another Ford Edge of the same year and it seemed to be okay I operated it about ten times or more and it worked fine. I put the original actuator back on and today it acts crazy again and the horn honking is a new thing it's doing Any ideas ? Thanks any help would appreciated