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    Motor Mount Thread Broke??

    While replacing the motor mount (located on passenger side, not the trans mount on driver side) on my 2011 Sport something broke on the front left most bolt where it threads in. Im assuming it's the nut because it moves with the bolt now and will not tighten. Does anyone know if where the bolts thread into are welded into place on the body or frame? Is this repairable if I cut the bolt off and had someone weld a new one into place? Are they accessible to do this? Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think its safe to drive with the back, and front one in? (the picture is before I installed the bolt, its stuck in there right now) Looking for any knowledge or advice you can provide. Thank you in advance Paul
  2. pcameron01

    Motor Mount Thread Broke??

    The weld was broken on the body. I was able to remove the wheel well cover and get it. I cut off the existing half threaded bolt and the broken round nut. Replaced with an oem bolt and put on a nut with some locktite. I should be good to go. If it was either of the other 2 I think I would have been screwed, no way to access them that I seen. I even replaced the horn since it was right there and only the high sound was working and sounding like a roadunner for some time now. Thanks everyone for the input Just hit 200,265 miles this weekend...hope to still keep going
  3. pcameron01

    Reverse cam woes

    Well i received another camera from ebay, installed and same issue reversed image. Installed original and reprogrammed the lines. Worked for a day. Looks like i will have to bite the bullet and order the $200 one. Bryan as said above you can reprogram the factory lines on it with a usb to OBD cable and a free program called Forscan. You can youtube a video on how to do it. It takes minutes to do. Dealer wants $80 just for the reprogramming.
  4. pcameron01

    Reverse cam woes

    I tried to do everthing but nothing changes. Now with the factory cam back i am getting the see dealer notice once in a while still. I just ordered another off ebay to try. Im sure its a china knockoff. It has a different part number. I will post any changes if any.
  5. pcameron01

    Reverse cam woes

    Wow yes definitely a big change from the $50. but you get what you pay for. Its weird ever since i put my original cam back in it works everytime i switch to reverse. Of course no lines anymore. I might see if it will stay working and program with forscan when iget the cable. I greatly appreciate the info on the camera. Its a shame there isnt a cheaper alternative.Thank you.
  6. pcameron01

    Reverse cam woes

    I just replaced my camera with ease thanks to everyone here. I installed the replacement camera i bougth off eBay for $50. The image is upside down. The part number on the replacement camera i have is BT4T-19G490-AF. Im sure for $50 it is not a ford oem part of course. The only difference i see is my original ends with a E instead of the F. Obviously this isnt going to work can someone point me in the right direction where i could get a camera that will work besides going to ford for it? A link a ebay store, im just not sure what to get i dont want to have to ship another one back. Thank you in advance.