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  1. Yeah. I reread the manual and will have to experiment more with the car. May it's one of those mystery of the universe that will never be explained. But thanks for the input
  2. I will look at the manual again but it has since I bought unlocked the door when ignition was switched off. Seems pretty counter productive to have an auto unlock feature that has to be manually unlocked before the auto will work.
  3. Not sure if that's true. Like I said up until a week ago the door/doors unlocked when ignition was shut off or key removed (don't remember exactly which)
  4. First time here. I am a DiYer and need help with a diagnoses Have had the 2013 Edge since Aug 17. Up until about a week ago have had no problems with the auto lock system. The lock works fine, when i hit 10ish mph the doors lock, but when I stop, park and shut off ignition the doors will no longer unlock, like I said they did up until a week ago. Side note, I did (and still do on drivers rear door) have the problem that the door ajar warning stayed on when doors are closed. I ran a magnetic switch parallel to the door switch circuit and it fixed that problem, that was months ago so I am pretty curtain that has nothing to do with current auto unlock issue. Any ideas on which direction I could investigate this problem will help a lot. Thanks