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    Continuing Oil Leaks

    ​I'll get right to the point. We now have our FOURTH oil leak with our 2015 Edge with the EcoBoost engine. They will be replacing the oil pan for the second time. I have been told by the service manager that the pan is now made of a composite material rather than steel s in the past. Also, they no longer use gaskets, but rather squirt silicone around the edge of the pan. I was given a phone number for Ford's customer service and was greeted by someone in the Philippines (no surprise here). When I asked to speak to someone in the U.S. I was told there is no one there to help me. After this run around, I decided to return to my dealer in hopes of getting a direct number to someone at Ford HQ. I also have a 2013 F-150 that I am very satisfied with. ​Any suggestions would one welcomed.