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  1. Thanks for the advice ... I will give that a try when I get home from work this evening ... !!!
  2. Thanks for the reply ... Yes I am aware that they all are supposed to turn light blue when you open the door, not the color you set on the screen ... that is what happens in my 2015 Explorer ... So I think there 10 LED's total in the Ambient Light Package ... When the vehicle is off and you open the door or enter \ exit the vehicle ... it is the following scheme: Drivers Side Door Interior Door Handle - Light Blue Color Drivers Side Door Map Pocket - Purple Color Drivers Side Foot-well - Green Color Center Console Storage Space Below the Radio - Light Blue Color Center Console Cup Holders - Light Blue Color Center Console Storage Under Armrest - Light Blue Color Center Console Rear Passenger Light - Light Blue Color Passenger Side Foot-well - Light Blue Color Passenger Side Door Map Pocket - Light Blue Color Passenger Side Door Interior Door Handle - Light Blue Color Seem like a loose wire or a controller problem ... because the ones listed above that are the wrong color are capable of producing the right color, it is not like the color is burnt out ... something is send the signal to it that is producing the wrong color, just not sure where to look ... if it was all confined to one area, like say the one door was wrong color, then I have seen a thread where they indicated it was a broken wiring harness was the cause of that issue ... - Jeff
  3. Hello everyone ... First time poster ... Hopefully I put this in the right group ... I recently purchased a used 2012 Ford Edge Limited and it has an issue with the ambient lighting LED's ... All the lights work, but they are not all the same color at the same time ... for example ... I can set the color scheme via MyFord Touch ... I choose the red scheme ... while driving at night the interior ambient lights all display the red color fine ... when I come to stop, shut off the car and open the door to exit the light blue color will illuminate in all areas except the drivers side foot well which is a green color and the drivers side door pocket which is a purple color ... also while driving if I cycle through the color options there will be LED's in other areas that don't match up with the color displayed on the screen ... has anybody else ever experience this issue ... ?? Since it is controlled via the Radio, I thought it might be a firmware \ software issue so I updated the firmware \ software to the version 3.10 which is the latest and greatest even though it still hasn't been released by Ford yet ... Didn't make a difference ... So perhaps it is a loose wire ?? Is there a controller unit \ module for the LED's ?? If so anybody know where it might be located ?? Thanks in advance for your assistance ... - Jeff