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  1. hello, I recently bought a 2014 SEL with the non-Sony factory radio. Good audio is important to me and this car definitely doesn't have it. lol. So, I am considering my options. The Metra dash kit is really ugly and I'm not even sure it provides all the same non-radio functions that the original console has....and from what I've read, it's not easily possible to retrofit the car with the Sony system that was offered in the Limited and as an option for the SEL, even if I was able to find a used one in good condition. I can replace the door speakers easily enough, there are some decent 6x8 options out there and the Metra wiring adaptors make it simple. My major decision is what to do about the center console. Does anyone know of an aftermarket unit that's nicer looking than the Metra one? I have no problem paying more for something if it's really worth the money but there just doesn't seem to be much choice out there. I really like the looks of the Sony option and would be super happy with something that looks as nice and can accept a double-DIN receiver. But short of giving up and going with the Metra kit, I'm coming up empty handed so far....
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    greeting and salutations

    Hi everyone. I recently picked up a 2014 Edge SEL AWD, in good condition and I like it very much so far. It's the right size car for me and I find the ride comfortable enough. I'm looking forward to reading what other owners have done with their cars and solutions they've found to common issues. So far mine has been totally fine, mechanically, but it's best to be prepared, lol.... So far, my plan is to add the following: cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, performance chip ( if I find one ), upgraded brake rotors and pads, new wheels and tires, new radio and speakers, and maybe a back-up camera. Once that's all done, I'll be sure to post a few pics!
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    aftermarket parts...feedback?

    hello, I have a 2014 SEL 3.5L and although there is a lot about the car that I like, I do find that the engine is not super responsive...slow to respond etc... I have plans to add some bolt-on parts ( cold air intake, cat-back exhaust ) to help it breathe better but I am curious if anyone has found a good performance tuner or something? I drive in Sport mode all the time because otherwise it feels like I'm driving a turbo with bad turbo lag, haha....I know the motor is supposed to put out decent HP but it doesn't feel like it gets to the wheels. I would prefer to avoid doing much physical modification to the engine ( haven't even looked into what's out there ) but I noticed a thread about an SCT tuner and a tuner guy in the US that people recommend...didn't see much else about plug-in tuners, maybe I missed a thread somewhere? I'm not very concerned about fuel economy, personally, so it would be strictly a performance upgrade I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated!