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  1. renewill

    Transmission oil bolt check

    sorry, 2013 Edge 2.0 FWD
  2. renewill

    Transmission oil bolt check

    Hi all: I need to check the transmission oil and because there is no dipstick, I need to find the bolt check. Does anyone can share me a diagram that shows where it could be? best regards
  3. renewill

    Radiator replacement-shields

    Hi I bought a crashed edge and I have rebuit except for the radiator which has a broken plastic part. I have purchased a replacement and also the shields that are listed in the ford parts website. I have a doubt on how to install a specific shield (CT4Z-8326-B), this is supposed to be some kind of seal/shield but I wanted to know if someone know how to install it or where it is supposed to go. I'm attaching some photos of the parts, any help would be appreciated. best regards
  4. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    Update, I think this is a vacuum line (https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/manifold-vacuum-supply-7809205-1) but until I have the actual photo from the part I'm unsure. I will go to my local Ford dealer expecting to see such part and will check the price. Because I live outside the US, prices on parts are doubled or tripled.
  5. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    It is solved guys, goes into a valve which I assume is the lower intake mentioned by mike dexter . I got the image from a install manual from the K&N performance kit. Now I I have to find If I have to purchase all the line or if I can buy the 3 way connector. Will appreciate very much if somebody knows the part number or the name of that valve.
  6. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    Found a picture online of a 2.0 but such valve is difficult to see where it is going
  7. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    Sorry for the my nobbie level in ecoboost engines, which would be the lower intake?
  8. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    Thanks, I appreciate it very much.
  9. renewill

    Disconnected valve

    Hey guys!! I bought a used 2013 edge 2.0 ecoboost and while checking the engine. I found a disconnected valve and because I have no reference of another 2.0 engine, I'm asking for your help, can anybody send me a photo of a 2013 2,0 engine without the cover? In the next picture, the mystery valve is enclosed.
  10. renewill

    Need help with part number

    Hi, I recently bought a 2013 Ford Edge but it is crashed and I'm buying the parts in order to have them ready when the Edge arrives. The part in question is a plastic cover that goes near the hood latch and reaches both rear and left fenders I have trouble finding a part number, can someone help me?