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  1. Has anyone installed a hitch receiver on their Edge Sport models (with lift gate sensor)? Looking to have one for my '17 Edge Sport for bike rack purposes only (not for towing). Thanks.
  2. SLB1904

    Hood deflector

    Yes. Agreed. Do you have a pic? Thx.
  3. SLB1904

    Hood deflector

    Black is never a forgiving color on a vehicle.
  4. SLB1904

    Hood deflector

    More for protection as I do a lot of highway driving. Noticed already a couple stone chips on my hood. Grrrrr!
  5. SLB1904

    Hood deflector

    Hi, I'm Looking to add a hood deflector for my 2017 Edge Sport, Black. Not really keen on AVS Aeroskin as I read it doesn't provide much protection to hood and windshield. Any suggestions? Looking for one that is black, sporty, and does the job. Thanks.