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    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    Thank you candurin for letting me know which version I had. The problem is on fords website syncmyride, it says that my software is up to date and shows no software update available for me to download. I contacted Ford today in chat and of course they were no help to me. Basically they told me the only way to update it is to take it to a dealer and get version 3.10, which I agree I shouldn't have to pay the dealer to do an update that I could easily do myself. Here's what the guy I chatted with said. 3.8 was the version that was last available on the site and is the one that was pulled due to the issues with the download. 3.10 is a revised version that was made available at the dealerships. So they are not giving people the option of updating it themselves anymore and just telling them to go to the dealer where they can charge them $100+ to do the update.
  2. srmuntz331

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    So can you tell me which software version I have based on my CCPU # ? That's what I don't know, I'm not sure if it has been updated before. My ford account says it up to date but I don't necessarily believe that. Also if I contact Ford support will they send me the user installed update file in an email? I'm not too trusting of just downloading files from random websites, as they could be corrupted or have viruses that would really jack up the sync system, also I want to make sure I get the correct software version for my vehicle so I don't screw up the sync system. I'm not having too much trouble with MyTouch just with the camera, but I figured if it is running a way old version of the software it should probably be updated. If I have to replace the camera that will have to wait awhile as I don't have an extra $500-$1000 or more to replace that right now. When I go into the rear view camera settings the camera preview shows up fine, It shows what's behind me as normal, just when I put it into reverse it won't work.
  3. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL that was purchased used in Jan. 2017. It has the Sync MyFord Touch version with the 8" screen. Recently my backup camera has stopped working completely, every time it is put into reverse it says backup camera unavailable contact your dealer. So I don't know what is going on with that but I thought maybe it is a software issue and may need an update. The only problem is I'm not sure what the latest software version is. I checked online on my ford account and it says my sync software is up to date, and the latest confirmed software install was on March 25, 2011 which was the base software Gen2-v2.7 BT4T-14D544-BH I checked what the version is in the car under system information and that said CCPU S/W 4.23.11038. Anyone know what the latest software version for a 2011 Ford Edge Sync MyFord Touch is? Also I ran a vehicle health report and it connected with my phone and dialed and said it was sending the report. But I can't find it anywhere it didn't get sent to my email and on my ford account it says vehicle health report is not available for your vehicle. How does Ford know if my software is up to date without connecting with my car somehow either from the vehicle health report or a dealer?