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  1. Update: This process toggles the system (at least mine, anyway) between only honking when you press lock twice, to honking once for lock - twice for unlock, and back. Mine was programmed to honk for both.
  2. Thank you akirby. I would have accidentally figured that out. Haha! I tried that and everything else but this finally fixed it. That's how it works now that I've turned it off... hit lock twice and it honks. I (we) appreciate the heads up though...
  3. I finally found the solution to turning off the horn chirps on my recently purchased '09 Edge Sport and maintaining a healthy relationship with my neighbors and their dogs. After this, that, and the other combination of keyfob button-pushing (and taking it to the dealer... unsuccessful) I found this from PlaybytheEdge... - turn key to "on" position - turn key back to "off" - press button on the back of blue alarm light by left leg 3 times - horn chirps twice and lights blink... problem solved. Now the lights just blink. Thank you PlaybytheEdge... Hope this helps anyone else getting frustrated with this issue. This is only for similar setups. I have no further information.
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    Help me disable the Horn on my 2008 Edge

    @PlaybytheEdge... I actually joined this forum to thank you for your post. I tried everything including taking my recently purchased '09 Edge Sport to the dealer, but your solution FINALLY worked. They should move this to the top of the thread so no one else has to read all the way through to get to yours. My neighbors (and their dogs) thank you.