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    Air condition issue

    I'm in the same situation as some of these other folks. My 2013 Edge Limited blows cold air out driver side vents and hot air out of passenger side vents. This happens when system is set to A/C and should be blowing cold air from both sets of vents. This problem happened once before and then cleared up on its own. Can I reload the SYNC system myself from the car or do I have to take my car somewhere to have this done? If I can do this myself can you tell me the procedure for completing the task?
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    New member intro

    Hello, I'm a new member to this forum. I have several Fords and love Mustangs. Currently I own a '89 Mustang GT, '02 F-150, '14 Mustang GT, and a '13 Ford Edge. I do just about all my own repairs and need a little help right now.