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  1. EJones

    07 SE Options

    Just purchased an 07 SE. Lots of exterior replacement parts on line for sale but don't want to end up sending items back because of false claims. What is if anything changeable like tail lamps, headlamps maybe adding running lights on the front valance? I have not been underneath the front end yet, someone has mentioned there might be some factory wiring behind the bumper? Thanks in advance....... Ed
  2. EJones

    Edge Newby

    I think I'm going to like what I can add to the Edge, but looks like I might be limited on adding any run or fog lights on the lower front bumper. Some say there are plug-ins under the front but SEL model aside I haven't found a link or as much info as I'd like. Any ideas? Thanks, Ed
  3. EJones

    Edge Newby

    :hat_tip:Hello from the Land of Enchantment....well that's what they keep telling us...;>) I'm a new Edge owner of a used 07 SE and like to join forums that relate to what I own the roll with tires & wheels. Just going to browse thru to see what I can do to spend more $...ha! I'm Ford fan from even my teen years 1st Ford was a 52 custom w/overdrive. 58 Ford stake board farm truck w/ a 292 was next. Bought a new 70 302 Mustang out of the Army after the VN war , paid for a LOT of Albuquerque's road maintenance & PAL with that car. Had a 70 Ford E300 302 van made intro a camper/romper room..., I did several van interiors for $. Commute van until I retired in 2012 is a 2000 Windstar LX w/165K which has become a $ grabber. Picked a sweet 07 Edge SE with 71K on the clock a day after my B-Day the other day. Thanks for the invite to join. Warm regards, Ed