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  1. Jim AZ

    Ford st suv experience

    Just got my invite for the ford st suv experience in park city Utah. anyne been to one of the st events like this before? http://Stsuvexperience.com
  2. Jim AZ

    SYNC 3 issues

    Update - The Master Reset of the Sync 3 has fixed the issue. one week and no lockup’s.
  3. Jim AZ

    SYNC 3 issues

    Thanks for the Tip. I’ll give it a try -Jim
  4. Jim AZ

    SYNC 3 issues

    Since I got my new 2019 Ford Edge ST a week ago, there has been two times where the sync system has totally locked up as I started to drive. When this happens, the screen will randomly flash blue, reverse camera (while driving forward), map, sync screen setup, etc. once it stops randomly fluctuating between screens, the sync panel goes non responsive. You can turn off the car and exit the Vehicle and the locked up sync screen remains on. The only way way I have fixed it is to leav the car off for 30 minutes or so. Then the sync resets itself and works fine again until the next time. I am using apple CarPlay with it. Anyone having this happen with the the new ST or another year/model using Sync 3
  5. Jim AZ

    Finally got my Edge ST yesterday

    Been waiting for this since it was announced. They are sure hard to find. LOVE it so far. 401A package and 21” tires. platinum white Very different attitudes and strategies on this from dealers. Shop around. my usual Ford Dealer wanted MSRP + $2,500. No negotiation. That didn’t t happen. Found exactly what I wanted elsewhere. -Jim