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    New from California

    Thanks everyone for your input this is great! I have contacted Ford and the dealership and they said any coverage has been expired. I have removed the hood hing and sealed the A Pillar body joint on the driver side. It did rain and when the car was parked and no water seemed to get in however when i drove in the rain it did get water on the driverside floor however not from the A Pillar. I still have the enterior side panels and the carpet removed. I was not able to see where the water was comming from. I did test the water and was able to confirm that it is rain water. It is going to rain this Friday and this time I will be better prepaired to see where the water is comming in. I was thinking about removeing the LH finder I hope it doesnt come to that ... anyway work in progress.
  2. Michael15edge

    New from California

    New 2015 edge owner with water on LH side front floor no joy.