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  1. Purchased a 2018 Edge Titanium from Simmons Rockwell in Bath, New York. Second car I have purchased from them. Really have no complaints. Very friendly sales staff and service department. My Edge, did not come with remote start, so Simmons Rockwell added it when we purchased the car. The next day, we tried to start the car with the long range remote and the alarm went off. Just assumed the wind blew or something. The next day, started it with the long range remote start just fine. That afternoon tried again and the alarm goes off. Long story short. Every other start with the long range remote sets the alarm off. Attempted to have the issue resolved at my local Ford Dealer, Royal Ford and was told the only way they would troubleshoot the issue is if I paid for it. Now mind you the car is less than two weeks old and is still under warranty. When I questioned it they stated that there is no way the remote start could cause this so it must be something Simmons Rockwell Ford did. Which I guess is probably true, they must have something hooked up incorrectly or possibly the remote start unit is faulty? My issue is this, it is a Ford vehicle under warranty, an authorized Ford dealer installed a Ford part. So using the logic of Royal Ford in Owego, if I move from the east coast to the west coast and I have an issue with my Ford, I need to drive back to the east coast to have the car fixed. Needless to say, I will drive the 2 hours to Simmons Rockwell and have the issue resolved. Extremely poor customer service, in my opinion.
  2. We really just wanted remote start, no so much long range remote start. Just concerned there is a bigger issue?? Did email the dealer and will call them on Monday to see what they say.
  3. Just picked up a 2018 Edge Titanium on Friday. The car did not come with remote start so the Ford dealer added it. It uses the long range Ford key fob. I am able to remote start the car numerous times with the stock key fob by pressing lock unlock lock. I can also use the long range key fob to remote start the car by pressing and holding the little Ford key fob. However if I shut off the car using the key fob and then attempt to restart it, the car starts, the alarm sounds and the car shuts off. i've tried this numerous time, it appears that using the long range remote start, I can only start the car one time. Any suggestions? Jon