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    Reverse brake squeal

    Hi, I own a 2007 Ford Edge SE. It has been a while since we changed the brake pads. I plan on doing this project but I want to make sure I replace the right parts for the problem. The vehicle squeals while reversing, especially in the morning. It sits in a carport but not a garage. I've read where moisture can cause it. However, even when warm it squeals some There are no performance issues noticeable with the brakes other than that. I figured I would replace them because it has been maybe 4 years now. When we had the breaks done last, the rotors were not replaced. Im assuming they are the OEM rotors. Is it recommended I do the front and rear brakes and rotors, or front OR rear? I know when we had the last brake job done, it was because of the reverse squealing and it did not fix the noise. We were about to move so i didn't have time to deal with the shop that did it. now I plan on doing them again myself. so if there is anything I should look for or replace to fix the issue, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum. Owned a 2007 edge since 07. The floor shifter light has been out a while as well as the climate control backlight I changed the bulb in the floor shifter light and it still does not light when i switch the lights on, or when i operate the dimmer. . I checked a bunch of different fuses and they all appear to be fine. Specifically i changed out the f30 5 amp fuse because i read that controls the floor shifter light. I pulled the headlight switch to see if i could tell anything wrong with it. I couldn't fit my multimeter on the metal connections for that wiring harness. I dont really know whats ground and whats hot when you pull the switch apart so i put it back together. Anyone had this problem, i read alot of internet articles but no solution was apparent. Thank s