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  1. Terrican

    Cracked sunroof

    Wavy cracks throughout the back sunroof. 2017 Edge with 13k miles. When I google it, many people complaining about same issue and Ford has not helped at all. Ford has fixed a few, sent people to insurance saying it was a rock, and charged people $2200 to fix it. I am not happy at all. Ford called for me to come back for more pictures tomorrow. Sorry, I need bettee pictures without sky and powerlines. Look for wavy lines. Ridiculous!
  2. Terrican

    Cracked sunroof

    I am looking for answers about what to do for cracked sunroof. Dealership took pictures and sending to Ford. I see there was already a class action suit started then dropped. Some people can get Ford to replace if under warranty. Others are replacing glass 3-4 times. What is the best why to approach this? I already filed safety concerns with NHSTA.