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  1. tmise40

    Transmission oil and ptu oil change

    Sounds pricey! Are you guys actually changing the tranny fluid three times? Seems like a lot of $$ waste! Just cost me $45 for 5 quarts of Mercon V and I believe this thing takes 11 qts or so! Also heard it should be changed every 30,000 miles since the filter can’t be changed unless you take the tranny apart?! Crazy! Also the ptu oil change looks like a pain also. You guys have any helpful advice on that? Heard it should be changed again after 1,000 miles in order to get most the black oil out. My Edge is a 2009 with 152,000 miles, bought it at 120,000 miles so I’m not sure if any of these fluids have ever been changed.
  2. tmise40

    Airbag light on

    Turns out a connector on the rear of the front passenger seat was so loose it fell off when I touched it. Very poor design but anyway no more airbag light.
  3. 2009 Ford Edge Limited Airbag light is on and steady. Checked for codes B2290-E0 (Occupant Classification System Fault, front passenger side) and B1318-20 (battery low voltage) came up. Not sure if these are related in this situation. Checked battery and it’s at 12.4 volts and only a year or so old. Wondering if anyone has had this problem and how it was fixed. I’d rather try to fix myself. I know there are several harnesses under the passenger seat but not sure which is for what.
  4. Ford Edge 2009 Airbag light stays on. Checked with a scanner and am getting code B2290-E0 Occupant Classification System Fault, front passenger side. Also was another code B1318-20 Battery Low Voltage. Curious if these two are connected in some way causing the light to stay on. Checked battery and is showing 12.4 volts. Not sure where to go from here. I do know the cover around the floor shifter had been removed in order to fix the broken cup holders. Is the airbag module located under that and may have gotten unplugged? Which connectors under the seat are airbag related?
  5. Noticed the coolant temperature gauge was maxed out while driving. Turned the A/C off and the temp went back to the middle of C and H on the gauge. Checked coolant level and it’s ok. When I start the car….2009 Ford Edge Limited 3.5 liter….fans are off. This car has the high and low speed fans. When I turn the A/C on max, the fans are still off. With car running I checked for voltage going into the cooling fan control module. Getting 14 volts at the purple/gray wire, ground is showing at the black/gray wire and ground showing at the small white wire. On the module connector going to the fans I’m getting 14 volts at the red wire and showing ground on the black wire. Fans are both off. When I take the connector off the control module going to the fans and apply 12 volts to the red wire with power probe, both fans come on. So I’m curious as to why the fans aren’t running? Shouldn’t they both come on or at least one when the A/C is turned on? Please help