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  1. Thanks so much for your help, I had a look but couldn’t find the bulb spec so thanks. I’ll pass this on to my friend, maybe he removed the wrong bulb!
  2. Good morning, yes I am from the UK. the thought had crossed my mind and I have sent him a message but no reply as yet. Powerbulbs.co.uk state an H7 also that’s why I was confused when he sent the message. I will try and check with him and make sure he removed the correct bulb ?. See below images, the black and orange H15 is what he removed and the H7 bulbs are the ones I bought
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply. I’m sure my edge has standard halogen lamps and really struggling with night time driving that’s why looking to upgrade, a see a lot of similar complaints
  4. Hi All, New to the forum. I have 2017 Edge Sport. I have a question regarding headlight bulb replacement. I work away from home and my wife took the car for service and whilst their she asked how much to upgrade headlights to LED, was told around £1,000 per headlight wtf!! instead I looked online at powerbulbs, entered car details and the told me I need H7 bulbs which I bought(OSRAM Nightbreaker Laser) . My mate went to fit them today for me (I’m away) and he says they are the wrong type, should be H15?? Little confused as websites all say H7. Can you please advise what bulbs are required and if any of you have changed recently as the dipped halogen headlights are terrible at night. cheers jamie