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  1. Just have your wife start the car when it's dark while u watch them. You'll know then if they track left and right. That's how I finally verified mine kinda hard to notice much difference while driving unless you're on a dark winding road
  2. Just had mine done too, not a noticable difference that I can tell but they do move/test at start up which is more than before so hopefully they're working properly.
  3. Hello, just got my edge back from dealer after "reprogramming" headlights and there isn't a separate function to turn them off. Just wondering if somebody has a separate control or do you just control it being on when auto headlamps are on. Owners manual isn't real clear and alot of the posts sound like there's suppose to be a separate function. My dealer's not to trustworthy so just wanted to hear from someone who got it done. Thanks guys/gals.
  4. Mine doesn't mention them either but I know I read it somewhere because it was something I wanted to make sure I got on mine when I purchased it. Must be in owners manual
  5. Yea me too, mine work but not adaptive function.
  6. Hello, just got a bulletin to bring my 2019 in for a headlight control module reprogramming #19B11 anyone know what this is about? Does it have something to do with adaptive headlights? Thanks for yoir help.
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    Hello, new Edge owner

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    Hello, new Edge owner

    Thanks appreciate it.
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    Hello, new Edge owner

    Hello,just purchased a 2019 edge titanium and love it so far but had a question that can't seem to find an.answer to. Does anybody know what those vents are for in cargo area? Been told they were exhaust vents for cooled seats, ac ducts and other things but they don't seem to have anything coming out. Thanks for any help.