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  1. Edgger

    Larger Tries

    Thanks for responses. You guys have me gun shy now. I think I'll just keep things the way they are! Thanks.
  2. **** Ignore **** Addressed in another thread.
  3. Edgger

    Larger Tries

    Hello Edge owners: I have a 2016 Edge Sport with 20/21” wheels. (Not sure which). I want to replace those low profile tires with higher ones to make the ride more comfortable . The Tire Kingdom said I can go with tires that are 1/2” higher or replace the wheels with a smaller dia and get even higher tires. He also said I can go with a thicker tire. Another tire dealer told me my wheels were designed to fit this car and did not recommend going smaller as it would negatively effect handling of the car while driving. Does anyone see anything wrong with either of these options? Thanks.
  4. Edgger

    Hitch for Sport

    Would you happen to know the brand hitch.
  5. Edgger

    Hitch for Sport

    Anyone out there ever add a hitch to a 2016 Edge Sport? Does it interfear with the foot sensor for opening the hatch? What about the brand of hitch and model number? Hopefully I can add something that doesn’t look too bad - as close to factory installed as possible (even though there is no factory option for the 2016 Sport). I’d like to not have to see the crossbar if possible. Pictures wuold be great. Thanks.
  6. Edgger

    Disabling Keyless Entry

    Thank you. Just tested it and you are right - need to put hand on the handle. We probably forgot to lock the doors. I’ll look into that auto relock feature.
  7. Edgger

    Disabling Keyless Entry

    Is there a way to disable the keyless entry feature that unlocks the doors of a 2016 Sport Edge when you approach the car? The reason why I ask is that I’m having a problem with unintentionally unlocking my Edge. I have two cars - my Edge and another brand. Both are parked side by side in the driveway. Sometimes when my wife and I go out in the other car, her Edge key fob in her purse will unlock the Edge when she passes by it. We don’t know this happens. We have been broken into at night because the Edge doors were unlocked. If there is a way to disable this feature does that mean the auto hatch opening by using your foot, will disable too? Thanks.
  8. Edgger