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  1. Purple31

    Ford Edge

    Looking for some help, this piece got broken off during my oil change.. I’m not sure what it’s called so I can replace it! All information helps. Thanks! - 2013 Ford Edge 2.0 heres some images
  2. I Couldn’t find a right place to post this.. so hope it’s okay here.. I noticed after my oil got changed I think they might have broke this piece off? Can anyone please tell me what it is and if I need to replace it, 2013 Ford Edge 2.0 eco boost. Thanks so much. Or redirect me to the right place to post this.. here’s some pics
  3. Purple31

    Wheel help please

    Thanks I appreciate it!
  4. Purple31

    Wheel help please

    I have 2013 Ford Edge, do the 2016 sport wheels fit my car? 5x114.3 63mm hub size. Thanks all.