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  1. cyclenut66

    Lowering the ST

    Just checked the part number on the box that is still sitting in my garage. Those are the ones that I put on, 28759-2 . The springs dropped the car and inch or so (a little bit more) and it looks ALOT better (looked good before, now it looks really good). They are a little bit stiffer. I wasn't sure at first, but they are stiffer over bumps and such. I think my issue there was that I would have liked stiffer and lower. I would also like stiffer sway bars. It handles a bit better around corners, but I haven't had a chance to race it or anything like that. When someone comes out with new stiffer and lower springs I'll get those (or even better, coil-overs). Until then, I am loving these and don't regret them at all! One note I will say, if you are DIY'ing it, the rear was tougher than I expected even after getting the service directions from Ford. People talk about dropping the sub-frame. I have done that on other cars and it wasn't bad. I was stubborn on this and ended up cutting a set of spring compressors to get them in there and get the springs out. Obviously you need to be careful doing it, but it worked for me. Dropping the subframe may very well been easier. In hindsight I should have done some more research. The springs go in pretty easy without compressors.
  2. cyclenut66

    Engine Cover

    Yeah, that's the one. Haven't had a car this new and it's bugging me. I'm thinking looks, but wanted to see if anyone knew something that I wasn't thinking.
  3. cyclenut66

    Engine Cover

    Talking to a guy with a Focus ST today and was telling him that the foam engine cover bugged me. He told me that there were aftermarket covers for the Focus. Does the stock foam one serve a purpose? Heat? Noise? Anyone know of any aftermarket covers?
  4. cyclenut66


    I have a vibration type of sound above 3 or 4 grand under load and no load. It seems to be coming from the left front. Doesn't look like anything is loose. Anyone had something like this?
  5. cyclenut66

    Lowering the ST

    How is the ride? I'm hoping they are as stiff or stiffer. I think stock it handles pretty darn well and don't want to give that up.
  6. cyclenut66

    Lowering the ST

    Has anyone lowered their 2019 ST? The only springs I have found are the H&R and for all Edges. Anyone put them on an ST? I'm looking to go down 1" to 2". Was planning to do springs first and then hit the exhaust and chip.