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  1. We was driving along when the vehicles battery light came on in red and stated that it had charging problems at the same time we smelled what seemed to be plastic burning. Pulled over and the batteries ground at the post as well as where it is grounded to the frame had a significant amount of corrosion. Bout having anything to clean or any tools we poured done Pepsi on it and then turned the car back on as we couldn't see anything that needed fixed. Being close to home we proceeded to start the car and head home.Scott halfway three (2 miles) the dash lights started to dim then went out and the same with the headlights. We went to pull into a parking. Lott and before we could park the car began to jerk and then stopped. We pushed the button that starts the car and it seemed to not want to do anything but all the park lights blinked rapidly for a good while and a young man came by and disconnected the linkage beneath the breather on the engine to whit the car could be pushed into a parking spot. He then reconnected it i thought. He said the battery blew up so the following day we installed a new battery.the Car started but the gear shifter moved just wouldn't go into gear. We turned it off messed with the shifter turned it back on but it wouldn't start so we jiggled around the battery and it started but if she remembers correctly the shifter wouldn't move so we went home. Came back an few hour's later with a wrench to tighten the battery and while tightening it the battery post shot sparks from the positive post. Nothing else had been touched. We tried to start it but nothing and the heart shifter was still stuck. Any help?