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  1. Hi new to Forum , we bought a 2016 Edge Sport suv -4d 2.7LV6 with 25,206 miles , so far Love the car but have concerns with the outside censers going off and showing up on the dash screen and beeping when we come up to a stop and turning onto a street it sometimes indicates a red line on the drivers side of the car or front or passengers side is this normal or will we have to take it into a Ford Dealership and have them check it out? We have the parking assist option which we haven't tried yet but will soon there's lots of things we need to learn on this car , our last car was a Nissan Altima 2005 so were learning the Edge Sport advantages .
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    Lift Gate

    Thanks for the answer , my wife actually hit the top of the door jam not the door itself , my next question is how do I adjust the lift gate lower?
  3. We just purchased a 2016 Ford Edge Sport and wanting to know is there a way to have a warning bell or something to let is know when the lift gate is open other than the warning indicator on the dash ? My wife drove into our garage with the lift gate open and of course damaged the rear wiper which I was able to repair Luckly. Thanks for your reply's !