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  1. Lincoln81

    winter wheels from fusion fit edge?

    my spare is a 17"... maybe different rim? winter wheels for these are expensive!
  2. Lincoln81

    P1450 code. Possible fix? Help please

    I ordered the part. ford wanted 900$ to install it. I did it myself, took less then a hour to pull old one and about a hour to put in the new one. bottom connection was the worst. really tight fit. no more check engine light. seems to be working ok for the past 19 days. Did a 1000km road trip plus in town. lets see how it works!
  3. Hey everyone, we have a 2015 edge 2.0. Last week wife said she heard a noise lasted 20 seconds or so coming from rear of vehicle, day letter we got a check engine light, she didnt tell me till it cleared. I scanned it with scanner and got p1450, just today she heard the noise again and the check engine light came on again. Found this video on youtube This video describe my issue to a t. Is this common? Makes sense? The part number in the video is wrong for my edge but I have found Ford Part No.: F2GZ-9D289-A Tube Assembly - Fuel Vapour Separator is this the right part ? Will this solve my problem thanks everyone
  4. Lincoln81

    water in hatch after washing it

    Mike, I did not notice the rectangular drainage holes but I will take a look. I did investigate over the weekend, took the back plastic off, got inside while my son hosed the back of the edge and the water was coming in from the handle. I removed the handled and dried it, dried the outside of it and put some silicon on it, put it back on. let it dry and then tried to hose and no more water. While I was in there I put some rust control in a can to help keep it all good cheers
  5. Lincoln81

    water in hatch after washing it

    I haven't had a chance to look any further. It will be nice this weekend and I will wash it again and take a look
  6. hey guys, got around to wash my new to me 2015 edge and when opening my hatch I noticed a water noise, moved the hatch back and forth and a bit of water came out of the latch area, then noticed the 2 rubber plugs/stoppers on either side and pulled them out and a few gallons of water came out... Where is the water getting in from? Is this normal? Bad seal somewhere? worried about winter going through a carwash and it freezing causing premature rust thanks
  7. hey guys, just traded in my 15 fusion for a 15 edge. I have a set of nokian hakka R2 winter wheels 5x108 with 215/60R16 tires. Will these fit the edge? I know tires are not as wide or high as stock 18" but will it work??? Please advise Luc
  8. Lincoln81

    Spark Plug Change

    I did the plugs on mine yesterday took all of 25 minutes. lost a 8mm socket but a very simple job to do on these - purchased vehicle used, has 57000km on it, slight carbon build up on it but piece of mind
  9. hey everyone, just picked up a 2015 edge 2.0. and noticed there is a slight cut in the rear driver side seat belt. my kids are grossed out by it. Kids! I have called 3 different ford dealers for a quote for the part but most are useless. By chance anybody have a part number? thanks guys
  10. Also you forgot about go rock. But they lost on Saturday. Raptors made up for it in Sunday
  11. Lincoln81

    Any turbo issues? Maintenance issues?

    Sounds good. I'll order new plugs and gap them and change them. Seems to be a fairly easy job. Anybody find a good deal on cabin air filter on Amazon?
  12. Lincoln81

    Any turbo issues? Maintenance issues?

    I'll get pics when I get it all cleaned up. Been raining here all day. It's got a few small scratches I hope to buff out as well. Check engine light is off. It's got great power. I changed the engine air filter today. Old one was pretty plugged. Seems to be running better. I'll call dealer tomorrow to schedule trans fluid replacement and oil change. I also would like to change 4 inch screen to something better but these have limited options
  13. Just picked up a 15 2.0 with 57k km on it. Works nice. Decent pick up. Comfy. I do however find the tranny shift a little hard sometimes. Besides that it's good. Mind you 3rd day I've owned it. 500km put on so far. How long have your turbos lasted ? Any issues ? Any other maintenace things I should know about ? Dealer put seafoam in when I picked it up to clean carbon. Check engine light is on. Said to wait a few days for it to clear... seeing on forums that seafoam or other products are bad for EcoBoost engines? All help is appreciated
  14. Lincoln81

    Tesla style replacement radio

    So when your booting up does it have radio? Or just nothing? Does your steering wheel controls still work? When you toggle between screens is it laggy? Any issues with Waze? Even with the nav being slow? What year is your vehicle?
  15. hey guys, welcome, I am new as well, just got a 15 EB. I am in Oshawa.