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  1. HockeyShot39

    All Weather Liners Husky Brand

    Will fit 2015 + Excellent condition asking $175 + shipping Pictures of the Liners
  2. HockeyShot39

    Husky Brand Full Car Floor Liner

    Pictures of the Floor Liners FOR SALE Husky floor liners for 2016-2018 edge ( I assume it can fits 2019-2021) $150 + shipping Used for less than a year, sold the edge so no longer need it
  3. HockeyShot39

    Livernois Tuner

  4. HockeyShot39

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

  5. HockeyShot39

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

    Leaked one week after I bought it - turns out it had two leaks with the previous owner and a short block replacement. One dealership had it 3 weeks, leaked 2 weeks later, another dealership had it 2.5 weeks, now when I have the heat on it smells like burning oil half the time, and I get an oil leak every now and then, in addition when I shift from P to R or D I can hear the gear shifting kinda loudly
  6. HockeyShot39

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

    I am unsure of the brand, I bought it from a small auto shop in NY while on a family reunion trip, I honestly never asked about the brand. it added more stiffness, but I’m getting out of my edge due to 3 oil pan leaks, and will not be going back to ford so I won’t need it I haven’t found this online anywhere, so if anyone has info to add, that would be great
  7. If I’m parked and the car is off, and I push the brake. Sometimes I hear a hissing noise on the outside of the car. I thought maybe it’s a brake booster issue? I’ve had the car off and pumped on the brakes as well. And sometimes after the pedal comes back up, I can hear it. It’s two short blasts of air
  8. Just got my car back a couple days ago for a second oil pan replacement. After being at the dealership for about a week and a half. Now anytime I move the steering wheel to the right or go over small bumps there is a loud squeaking noise coming from the passenger side dashboard. Made an apt to bring it back again. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? 2016 edge sport 6000 miles
  9. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    so I can't just pry off the USB? I have to remove all that other stuff
  10. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    so I just need a tool to pry that off and then disconnect wires and reconnect? Also what tool should i use? Thanks! I assume the video that wasn’t posted earlier is good?
  11. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    Just picked the car up form ford and he said it’s more than the USB - he said it’s a whole computer?
  12. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    Genuine Ford Apple CARPLAY Interface Module -Sync 3 Only- HC3Z-19A387-B Multi-Media USB Hub Box https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NV9QVR5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3czxDbX621XAC is is this all it is
  13. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    They said I need a media hub which is $400
  14. HockeyShot39

    Apple Car Play

    Thanks I made an appointment with ford for tomorrow!