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    Double Honk when Locking

    We bought it new, I believe we have anti theft since we have a flashing blue light under the steering wheel. Could it be something with that?
  2. urbanrules86

    Double Honk when Locking

    Sorry about that I missed that I put unlock twice. I've checked the hood, I've checked all the doors and the hatch. The vehicle is locking so I dont think it's a mislock since my indicators flash when locking. I was just hoping maybe a setting got switched since the battery was replaced but I guess I'll have to go by ford this weekend.
  3. Hi Everyone, My wife has a 2016 Ford Edge and had to get a new battery today. After she got it installed by AAA she noticed the weirdness. So now when she unlocks it, it'll honk twice. When she locks it it'll just honk once (we aren't double hitting the button just on a single press). I've checked all the doors to make sure one is not open, started the vehicle and backed up without it saying anything is open so I am at a loss. Any ideas?