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  1. In my search for a used Ford Edge Sport I have noticed quite a few US dealers close to Canada have Canadian market models they are selling in the states and I am wondering beyond the DRL always being on and the engine block heater option if there are any other differences compared to a US market model? The window stickers for the Canadian market are quite different than US and there seems to be standard options missing but I am not sure if those things are actually missing on the vehicle or if they just weren't included on the window sticker for some reason.
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    Canadian market model differences?

    I definitely noticed the differences in optional packages, but what I am seeing is differences on the window stickers for even standard options. For example, I attached a cropped Canadian sticker and USA sticker showing standard options for the same year Edge Sport and I don't see things like Active Grille Shutters, Beltline Molding, Liftgate - Hand-Free and a bunch of other missing options on the Canadian one.