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  1. I watched the video after I responded hahaha. Ok, thanks for the tip I’ll deff vacuum test it to check it. “If the purge valve is good, could it be anything else? Or if it’s bad and I replace it and the symptoms still occur than should I be looking at fuel pump issue?
  2. Wouldn’t the CEL be on if the Evap Purge Valve was bad?
  3. As far as combating the issue with how fast the pads wore out, I would definitley stick to the O.E. recomendation on Brake Pad material (Full Ceramic) but look for a higher premium pad so you can get more miles out of them.
  4. I've got a 2011 Ford Edge AWD 3.5L and recently/more frequently there has been and issue when starting. The vehicle will crank and than a few seconds later will fire/start. So it seems the starter is engaging every time but there's no fuel for few seconds. So i was thinking Fuel Pump originally but when I think harder about it i don't remember hearing the Fuel Pump prime before starting. Any ideas on if the Fuel Pump isn't priming is there a switch that could have bad contacts? or is it the Fuel Pump Assembly really the issue?