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  1. I did check that after finding this video, and even changed the setting to 10 seconds. BUT, that doesn't fix this issue? That is why I'm stumped...? It's not an auto turn on issue, it's a turning off automatically thing....
  2. I will apologize in advance for my stupidity, but I am not even sure how to even state my question very well? Just got my wife's '18 Edge Titanium couple months ago, and it seems a bit nit-picky, but after she parks and gets out/locks her car, the headlights and taillights stay lit up for a very long time, but eventually extinguish off. When I lock my Chevy Silverado, the lights go off in about 10 seconds, but her car is about 4-5 minutes? Does anyone know what I am talking about, cause I feel crazy that I can't find anything which talks about this? TIA
  3. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    I finally got all the parts and went back to stock Air Cleaner system. I feel better now 🙂 We'll see how/if it changes/improves MPG? Thanks for everyone's input and help! You guys Rock!
  4. I searched for any similar issues, but only found topics from aftermarket installs, not my situation... My wife complained about her favorite FM radio stations coming in very static. I just listened to it and it is pretty bad. I did a FM Search/Scan for the stations, and it only locked onto two stations in a larger metro size city (OKC). I drove to different areas to see if it was just my area (not usual) I just bought the car, but it is a stock Ford head unit (not modded) so I am very confused why a stock system would not come in loud and clear? Any ideas to get started? Thanks in advance!
  5. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    So in my endeavor to go back to stock, I need to find out what other parts or hoses, tubes, etc. that I need to replace? You mentioned the "clean side PVC" and MAF housing, both which I have no idea what they are? Can you see in the pic, or is there a place where I can find a "parts list" and exploded view of the whole system to not miss something? Thanks for all your knowledge and help!
  6. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    I thought of that too, as it can't be too hard to find, right? Lol Thanks for the ideas
  7. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    Thanks for the replies from you and Perblue! I am also worried about that "kink" in the hose. I don't know what it goes to, but that can't be good in any fashion no matter where it goes? I also tried to look up a K&N for my Edge and noticed it did not list one at all, so I think you are on the right track! I am planning on going back to full stock air and appearance cover (he threw them all away!!? (AAAGHHH!)
  8. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    It has 28K mileage.
  9. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    Thanks for the input ONYXBFLY and 1004ron. I am getting very crappy MPG in it right now, do any of you think the MPG goes down with the CAI in it? I know it increases HP, and my thoughts are the CAI may cause bad MPG?
  10. flyn_dutchman

    Hello from OKC, OK!

    New member here. Proud new owner of a 2108 Titanium V-6 3.5L Hope to learn lots about it on here! Cheers! Dave
  11. flyn_dutchman

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    Hello all! My first post on here as I am a new member! Great info resource we have here! I have just purchased a 2018 Titanium for my wife, and the previous owner swapped out the stock OEM air box assembly for a K&N CAI system (he didn't keep the OEM parts). He also removed the top appearance cover over the top of the engine (I would also like to get this put back on). I would rather go back to the stock look and I am wondering if anyone has put this CAI system in themselves, and if there are any issues with going back to OEM parts? If anyone wants to swap stock for K&N CAI, please let me know, otherwise I will just get the OEM parts here locally and sell the K&N system in Classifieds. Thanks, and thanks for all the information on here!