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    Blown Head Gasket, Need to weigh options

    Thank you for the response first off! Now that you mention it, I now think that idea of throwing the 2.7l in it would be a pain in the rear. I followed up on that advice, and contacted Ford directly, and they referred me to the dealership. Went down to the dealership and got quoted the diagnostic of $200, which in all fairness is about what a dealer charges. They were upfront with me that most likely Ford will tell them to tear down the engine if they want to provide me with assistance. The quote on just the tear down alone is about $4400, With a chance that Ford will tell me to kick rocks. I guess it's time to start looking at Junk Yard engines
  2. Hey all, I ended up running into a problem, and since I'm at 61.5k miles, I'm slightly out of warranty period. A while back I started to notice the noise of water running on my car, I thought the coolant was low, so I added some more into it. I recently had my oil changed so I did not think to check the oil. About a couple of days later, CEL came on, and P0302 was the code that I got back from scanning it. I changed out the spark plugs, along with the coil packs, erased the code and drove it around until it came back on. I then proceeded to add some Techron fuel additive and repeated clearing the code and driving around. The light came back on today and I decided to check my oil cap to get an idea of the worse that is yet to come... I found some chocolate milkshake on the cap, and did a compression test. Cylinder 2 is spewing out water while cranking on the other cylinders, 1/3/4 are showing up 150 constant, while CYL 2 is filled with water, and giving it a high compression # of 190. After researching, I found out that this an on-going issue that Ford issued a TSB for it.. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10162071-0001.pdf I am weighing my options, I could have the engine rebuilt, and the same issue would come up later on, I could get a donor engine from a 2019/2020 that's under 10k miles or so for about $2000 or so for a long block. I also wondered what would it take to say... drop in a 2.7l in it. I was wondering if anyone happens to know the difference of the engines between model years, I read somewhere that Ford revised the 2.0 in 2019, but I don't want to pull the trigger on engine without knowing if they fixed the issue or not. I would appreciate any guidance!