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    Sport style grill

    That looks nice! Yeah the bumper has to come off for sure to remove the grill, but I was going to leave it in. I just want to be able to pop that Chrome trim off. Did you take the trim off or mask it?
  2. Silverbullitt

    Sport style grill

    So I would like to paint my SEL grill the same as the sport, (black shell with magnetic trim), without removing the grill. Has anyone removed the chrome trim from the grill assembly? If so, how? Does it just pop off with a little gentile persuasion?
  3. Silverbullitt

    center caps

    @mvan231 The blue ones in your pic are the ones I have now on the factory 18"s. I want those in black....assuming they will fit the 20's.
  4. Silverbullitt

    center caps

    Hey there! So I recently purchased a set of 20" wheels off of a 2015 titanium and am looking for a set of black center caps for them. Does anyone know a part number or size of the caps? Thanks
  5. Silverbullitt

    2015 Edge owner in Canada.

    Hey everyone! Taking delivery of my silver 2015 SEL AWD tomorrow. Looking forward to getting those wheels and the grill blacked out!