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    2010 Ford Edge Battery Dies

    Wow I have the same issue down to the 750mA draw and pulling Fuse #5 dropping it to about 30mA. Did you ever figure out what was causing your issue? Is 30mA the correct draw for sleep mode? No aftermarket things on this vehicle though, so I'm guessing it wasn't your security system since the numbers seem to match exactly. Keypad illumination means the LED light behind the keyless entry pad on the door? 2nd row seat means those 2 buttons that release the seats to fold down? Brake shift interlock is in the column shifter or around the brake pedal? The idea is to unplug these modules with Fuse #5 plugged in and see which of them causes the drop to 30mA? Any ideas for how to do this? Seems to require getting under a lot of trim panels.