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  1. Noob to the Forum, looking for assistance. I've been trying to research a brake problem on my wife's 2014 Edge with 42k miles, and i'm unable to Find any similar posts. A days ago she was coming to a stop, and just as the vehicle was at around 5 mph, The pedal "pushed up" and the brakes disengaged for a second, and then re-engaged. This is an intermitant issue, that happens randomly. i drove it trying to replicate the problem, and it happened two times. Its a strange feeling, almost like the pedal is pushing back. I did a visual check of the brake components, front and back and everything looked good. I consider myself fairly handy, and do most of my own repairs, but this one has me stumped. so before i start to throw parts at it, i'm hoping for a little insight. Thank you in advance for your help.