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  1. I could not say thank enough for your post. This issue had been bugging me for a week and I already think of replacing the whole module. You save me a lot of trouble and money. All the bests.
  2. Hi, I recently had a problem with the touch screen on my 2015 ford edge (titanium rim). The touch screen does not register my touch correctly. It happens a few times in the past and I just go to the bezel diagnostic (by hold tune next + cd eject button) to re-calibrate the touch screen. Normally, the error is small, so I still managed to touch the right place to access the right menu. However, this time, the problem becomes worst. The touch screen still working, but the error is huge, there is no way I could touch the calibrate menu. Is there any way to choose an option in the bezel diagnostic without touch it? Or any recommend solution is really appreciated. Thank you.