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  1. Re 2008 Ford Edge Limited with all power features including Message Center. (Just bought this vehicle, have no prior experience with its power features. High mileage going on 180K) Have found System Check in the Message Center. Owner's Manual reads to have ignition in Run position to use Messeage Center but says nothing about having the vehicle running when Message Center cycles through System Check. "Oil Pressure Low" was the only item with a negative report. Engine cold and off when I ran System Check. Question: In order to get an accurate report, Is the engine supposed to be running when System Check is performed?
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    New Member in East Texas

    I found this website this week after having bought a 2008 Ford Edge Limited from original owner on Monday. I've posted two questions already and likely will have more as I find out what the questions are that I should be asking. I really appreciate all the information here and the members who helped me out. I've never had a car this loaded with features. I had never heard of the Ford Edge until my daughter mentioned looking at the model. I was replacing a 2006 VW Beetle TDI which I drove for three years and which was originally the daughter's California car. A fun car to drive but I was antsy all the time about maintaining it since the nearest VW dealership is over 50 miles from me and the two closest foreign auto repair shops are each 40 miles away. Just not realistic for me to be driving a Bug out in the country. I wanted something in the Ford line that I could pay for because there are two Ford dealerships, each 30 miles away from me in two different directions plus I know that I can get service and repairs at local independent shops on a domestic car (not a VW). Long-winded here, I know, but I want the frequent contributors hre on the forum to know the situation. Thanks, everyone!
  3. New owner of 2008 Ford Edge Limited bought from original owner. Woman driver (no pun intended). This vehicle has far more power gadgets on it than I need or want. But. Question is this: How would I open the power liftgate IF all electric power is lost on the vehicle since there is NO keyhole in the liftgate door?
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    87 or E85 ?

    Thank you, one and all. You've given me the answers. I'll stick to the owner's manual.
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    87 or E85 ?

    I just bought a 2008 Ford Edge Limited from the original owner/private party. I know nothing about the Edge. Engine is V-6 3.5L . Owner's manual specifies to use 87 octane unleaded gasoline. However, the gas cap has an E85 label stuck on it. Do I ignore this E85 label and follow the owner's manual?