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  1. Here are the final results after my Ford Dealer had the vehicle for several days. The vehicle had both a coolant leak and engine misfire in cylinder 1 with code 301. The dealership ran a pressure test and everything checked out fine with the pressure test. The engine continued misfiring and they further inspected the ignition coils and spark plugs. Both the coils and spark plugs appeared perfectly normal for the miles on the vehicle (47k). The service manager ended up taking the vehicle out and driving around for an hour. He then brought the vehicle back and let it sit for several hours in the shop. The mechanic then inspected the plugs and sure enough there was coolant sitting in the cylinder. They now have to completely disassemble the engine and send photos to Ford. They said Ford makes the decision if I get a long block,short block or complete engine assembly. They said I probably won't have my car back for 6-8 weeks and this is the 12th engine they've replaced this month.
  2. I'll probably still keep driving it until it causes major concern. Thankfully it's still under powertrain and I purchased an extended warranty. This will be the fourth warranty repair I've needed and I've only owned the vehicle for 10 months. I'll definitely provide updates incase anyone has a similar situation.
  3. Has anyone else had issues with their hood insulation pad? I have a 2017 Edge and mine is failing apart and leaving pieces of foam all over the engine bay.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, my local Ford Dealer can't look at it until October. When I called they said they are currently rebuilding 3 2.0 ecoboost issues with coolant leaks. I've also been having misfire's as well, and might be related or just need new spark plugs/coils.
  5. Hi Everyone, I currently have a coolant leak in my 2017 Ford Edge ecoboost. I've taken it to my mechanic twice in the past three months for the issue. It took 3 months for the vehicle to completely drain the whole reservoir. The last time it drained the entire reservoir in two weeks. The mechanic said that they can't find any signs of a coolant leak with my vehicle. At this point I'm assuming it's leaking into the engine, but can't be positive. I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue before I take it in for a third time. Thank you,
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